15 Office Etiquette Tips


You probably landed yourself on interview or a new job with excellent skills and knowledge. Not sure of business etiquettes? 
These 15 business etiquette tips will help you get through.


  • When you are introduced to someone always stand up, smile, and look them in the eye. When you shake hands, have a firm grip but not too hard. This indicates confidence.


  • Try to use their name in the conversation. This shows respect to the other person and helps you remember the name.


  • Dress appropriately, be cautious your posture, and walk with confidence.


  • Make sure your mobile phone ring tone is not loud and offensive.


  • Don’t take a call while you are in a meeting. If you are expecting an important call, tell the meeting at the beginning. Excuse yourself, make the call brief and then return to the meeting.


  • Make sure your mobile phone is out of sight, so you are not tempted to play with it or be distracted during the meeting by it.


  • Never text or chat during a meeting or a conversation.


  • For business texts, always use correct grammar and punctuation. 


  • Make use of a professional and recognizable email address.


  • Use correct grammar and punctuation for business emails. Always use a subject line, and footer with your name, business title, contact information and a link to your website.


  • Use “Please,” “Thank you” and “You’re Welcome.” “Please” turns a demand into a polite request. “Thank you” shows appreciation. “You’re welcome” acknowledges the other person’s appreciation.


  • Be sure to treat each person with whom you interact with respect. No matter what their role or position in the company.


  • Cultivate a strong, clear speaking voice; enunciate your words; and don’t use foul language. Knowing how to communicate clearly and effectively is essential to your success.


  • Master the art of networking. Being skillful at networking will not only help you get a job, but it will also help you stand out in your new job.


  • Be punctual. Being punctual shows your commitment and dedication to the company and your job. Arriving late shows a lack of interest and respect of your coworkers.

Remember it is just good manners!


Source: Adapted from:  https://www.whatisacareer.com/10-tips-on-business-etiquette/