Interview Tips

So you've decided to apply… Great! Here are some things you will like to know about our recruitment process.

We love well written cover letters - not Google copies.
Resumes should not be more than 2pages.
List your skills in experience chronological order so it's easy to follow.

On The Interview Day

Arrive early - this gives you more time to relax.
Dress appropriately - ipNX dress code is business casual. No jeans, please.
Use examples in your interview - we want to know all about your skills and experience, how you've used them and what you've learnt.
Don't forget, You can ask us a lot of questions too.

Recruitment Process

If you've been shortlisted for the job, you’ll be invited to take part in an interview. This could be an aptitude assessment, or a face-to-face interview; or both. 
We don't care where you come from, what you look like or how you sound - being different is what has made ipNX the company it is today. We value diversity and only discriminate on the grounds of awesomeness.


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