Our Programs


You’re moving forward, out of school and towards the world. Full of passion and ready to explore. Well, here it is. You’re welcome.

The next thing you know you’re a leader. It happens here all the time. We’ll see your potential and encourage you to make the most of it. you will become innovative, ambitious and you will not afraid to do things differently.

There are many different career paths to explore at ipNX. So, we’ll give you the freedom to drive your own development and put your future in your hands. But whether you join us in Marketing, Human Capital Management, IS&T, networks or finance – these are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Training – you’ll be stretched and inspired as we develop your natural skills.
  • Networking – from day one, you’ll develop a strong network of friends and get to know other ipNX graduates, interns.
  • Learning academies – these are packed full of online learning resources and short training courses.
  • On-the-job learning – by doing your role every day, you’ll learn to take on big responsibilities, make important decisions and shape the future of our business.
  • Support – it’s not always easy to be bold or take risks. So you’ll always be supported by your manager, and other community of graduates
  • New possibilities – when you’ve finished your programme, all kinds of careers will open up to you across all areas of ipNX.

So why not take advantage of our Paid Pre-service internship to start your career right away!