Valentina Ikpeme

Team Lead, Talent Acquisition

Human Capital Management, Victoria Island, Lagos

"ipNX is an organization with endless possibilities"

About me

About Me

I got my Bachelors Degree in Political Science at the University of Calabar, Cross River State. I also have a Diploma in Human Resource Management, CIPM and  I am an Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. I have been with ipNX  Human Capital Department  for the past five years and I curently occupy the Team Lead, Talent acqusition Role. I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile with a voracious appetite for gadgets, good food, body fitness and world politics. I am also a Taekwondo Black Belter.

What Do You Like Most About Your Job Position?

It’s an unparalleled unique and privileged position of not only seeking to recruit top talents for the job in achieving and exceeding successful business objectives, I also get a kick out of helping people achieve their dreams and building relationships.

Describe Your Favorite Thing About Working at ipNX?

ipNX is the perfect blend of team accomplishments and individual freedom to experiment and make a difference. You are always challenged to bring in your A game and push yourself, to grow and show potential and also importantly, you learn from the best people and establish life-long relationships with co-workers.

What Advice Would You give to Candidates that Are Considering Joining ipNX HR?

ipNX HR is the breeding ground for high achievers, transformers and gladiators. It is a challenging, dynamic, fun, interesting and unique family. Work ethic, risk and creativity are welcomed while hard work is encouraged and recognized.

What Level of Importance Does ipNX Place on Your Own Personal Development?

What sets ipNX apart is the value it places in growing its own people. We have a build from within strategy, which from the onset promises each employee the opportunities to not only grow in the workplace, but also to grow as a person. Be it trainings, watching others, or learning on the job, ipNX offers development opportunities galore.